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I want to work on a series of fan-fiction (on my other account) about villains from all genres so, got any villain suggestions you'd like to see have some romance stories... 

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2 deviants said You're a little too obsessed with villains Clare.... :P


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Here's what I'm up to...

Want a commission, I will write and draw practically anything... merely look at this for information:…


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Clare Keating
United Kingdom

I write, draw, and dream dragons. I enjoy Hetalia and a lot of Disney Animal Films, and have recently started selling novella with Kindle. Simple as that, I'm a nice person and always want to make friends! Used to love Bleach but thought it went downhill. I'm a heavy metal fan. I like the German language and know a little - but my grammar is atrocious, I also know a little French. I'm a history nut with a fascination about Georgia and edit my father's student study guides

Currently I'm working on getting my first dragon story published - it's just taking longer to edit then I thought!
Okay guys, been a while since I've done a contest and I've only done one or two for the Hetalia ones before so I thought I'd do one before I do another dragon one. 
Also, I've got minor surgery on my leg on Friday afternoon and the lump is going off for a biopsy. It's in an awkward place and going to be painful so although I'm working on loads of things, mainly on paper at the moment, I might have to slow up. My elbow is also very painful from repetitive strain so I have to be careful anyway. 



Okay, this is a difficult one I thought you'd all find a little interesting... 

PREMISE: Beneath are nine interesting periods of history... can you write a Hetalia story about them? 

Anything goes, you can create OCs etc. for this contest, it's all about how you manage to pull off a story for one of these periods. 

Also yes - you can have more then one entry and I don't have a mature rating. 

Also, if you can't write you can draw. 

You can have the characters involved in these events, meeting someone from these events or just these events/ time periods going on the background. If you can think of a different time that's interesting, go ahead and write it! 



  1. The Winter War 1939 between Russia (Soviet Union) and Finland: 
    Sources for Information:……
    [link] - history program about it

  2. The Protestant Reformation in Europe

  3. The Black Death of 1348 

  4. The Second Punic Wars

  5. Germanic Wars

  6. The Minoans 

  7. The Ottoman-Hungarian Wars

  8. The Mexican Revolution 
  9. World History 1917-1921 (Including Communist & Non-communist Revolutions)
    BEST LIST TO LOOK AT…………………………………………


1st - 3 Months Premium membership & 10 part writing commission/ drawing 

2nd - 1 month Premium membership & 3 Part writing Commission/ drawing 

3rd - 250 Points & 1 one-off commission 

DEADLINE: (Got a while so you can study) 12pm London Time, 1st August 2015

  • Mood: Hysterical


I prefer drawing dragons but I can do other animals and some anthro
For more mature drawings (e.g. violence) or more then three characters, please Note me first
Story Under 10 Chapters Over 3 Chapters
Any story or fan-fiction you would like me to write that will be under 10 chapters long but over 3 parts. 
Please NOTE me for more information or with what you seek

No creepypasta or Homestuck however
Dragonised Characters
Your OCs or other character transformed into one of my dragons
Stories Above 10 Chapters
Any story or fan-fiction you'd like me to write that you want to go from 10 chapters plus but under 20

No Creepypasta or Homestuck
Story over 20 chapters
If you'e got an idea you want over twenty chapters of then click here 

No Creepypasta or Homestuck
Comic Page
Animals only - I can't draw humans
Special Writing
For writing work you do not want published on deviantart but done for you, note me first and we'll talk about it
Comic Series - with your script (up to 50 pages)
If you want a series of comic pages from me then it will be expensive - comics take a lot of work when they're more then one page and can vary greatly in length.
It is cheaper though if you have your own script prepared.
Comic Series - No script and/or over 50 Pages
If you want a series of comic pages from me then it will be expensive - comics take a lot of work when they're more then one page and can vary greatly in length.
If you have no script at all and just a general idea then it is more expensive
Whether you have a script, if it is over 50 pages then you come here.



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