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Clare Keating
United Kingdom
I write, draw, and dream dragons. I love HETALIA and a lot of Disney Animal Films, and have recently started preparing stories for online sale with Kindle. Simple as that, I'm a nice person and always want to make friends! Used to love Bleach but thought it went downhill. I'm a heavy metal German fan. I'm a history nut with a fascination about Georgia a.k.a Sakartvelo....
I'm also half Irish, a quarter Welsh, an eighth French, and an eighth English....
And I love Michael Fassbender....
Just to let you know I'm a little calmer now... 

Tagged by :iconkittykatrocks12:

OC in use:
Carpe Noctem

1. Choose some of your OCs

2. Make your OCs answer these questions

3. Tag other people - Never do it really

4. Add one question of your own.

5. NO tag backs


1. Sup broski?

Carpe Noctem: Excuse me?
Kincaid: Yo
Zeus: Hey Sexy... oh, talking to myself again
Leya: Say what?
Agana: Meh


2. What is your favorite holiday?

Carpe Noctem: My wife's funeral
Kincaid: I hate leaving home
Zeus: Visiting Kincaid before the young found out they could paint me
Leya: Visiting Agana at Mount Shaitan
Agana: Holidays are pointless - they give nothing


3. Would you rather go out with friends or stay in with a significant other?

Carpe Noctem: Stay on my own - I HATE OTHERS, they're so ignorant!
Kincaid: Stay with Ulalume
Zeus: Got out - I love hitting the town
Leya: Significant other
Agana: Outside I can convince my clan I'm nice...


4. What's your favorite video game?

Carpe Noctem: I can't comprehend you
Kincaid: Huh?
Zeus: Yes... uh... what's the question?
Leya: Video?
Agana: It sounds frivolous 

5. Have any siblings?

Carpe Noctem: Far too many and if I'm dreadfully honest, I despise and loathe every single one of them
Kincaid: Sadly not
Zeus: TOOOO MANY! But I love them and loathe them!
Leya: A few half-siblings, the majority I've killed according to tradition, I'd have liked a brother though
Agana: Who knows... I'm afraid I couldn't care


6. Favorite Food?

Carpe Noctem: Raphael's Pain
Kincaid: Steak
Zeus: Blood
Leya: Ridgeback dragons
Agana: The praise of my people


7.  Have any enemies?

Carpe Noctem: My half-brother Raphael, I told him the truth so he ran away and then realised I'd tricked him into thinking he was doing the will of a god in saving the slaves of our brother Rebellion - but I had no idea he'd go so far as to cripple him! MWUHAHHAA!
Kincaid: Hastings - dude's an arse!
Zeus: Oh, who could ever hate me?
Leya: The Ridgebacks... it's complicated though, because I'm married to one
Agana: Anyone is an enemy to the people, if they dare to go against our society 


8. Have a crush or significant other?

Carpe Noctem: I killed her and the only other being I could consider such a thing so willingly, is a damn baby-sitter!
Kincaid: Ulalume my wife
Zeus: I'm married to Eletrina but I couldn't name someone I haven't... you know...
Leya: As awkward as it is, my husband is the son of my enemies
Agana: Of course - my ideals are my true loves

9. Have any secrets you don't mind sharing?

Carpe Noctem: I'm not dead :)
Kincaid: I'm anxious that Neimand likes Ulalume too much
Zeus: I can in fact die!
Leya: I'm starting to doubt my alliance with Agana
Agana: I killed my own father because he was stupid

10.  Do you have any fears?

Carpe Noctem: Non-existence
Kincaid: My family in trouble
Zeus: Kincaid doesn't love me
Leya: Graffiti is just playing me... that would break me
Agana: My death

11. What's your job?

Carpe Noctem: I'm afraid I can't reveal such a thing
Kincaid: Protector of the orphans
Zeus: God of blood
Leya: Leader of the Scythe-ears
Agana: Dictator of the True Blood Demon


12. What is the weirdest dream you've had?

Carpe Noctem: Giving Kincaid a snog....
Kincaid: Ulalume being a male
Zeus: Ulalume being a male and being more endowed then me
Leya: My dead daughter talking to me as an adult
Agana: My mother telling me I'm loved


13. Are you annoyed yet?

Carpe Noctem: I'm in a constant bad temper so I feel this question is pointless and your insistence to goad me pathetic
Kincaid: Nope
Zeus: Nah
Leya: Not really
Agana: Whatever


14. Have any bad habits?

Carpe Noctem: I look down upon everyone - but no one has the intelligence I have save a few gods
Kincaid: I snore
Zeus: I f*k anything that walks
Leya: I have a bad temper
Agana: I like making show trials

15.  How old are you? - I've put it for to 10,021

Carpe Noctem: 17 
Kincaid: 25
Zeus: 22
Leya: 122
Agana: 993


16. Who is your best friend?

Carpe Noctem: I suppose at a stretch you could say Zeus - but I'm quite willing to castrate him for the sake of humanity and Draken kind
Kincaid: Zeus
Zeus: Kincaid
Leya: Hilary and Syliman
Agana: Kaspar


17. Who do you hate?

Carpe Noctem: It's more simple to state a list of who I do not hate - myself and Cassia
Kincaid: Hastings
Zeus: Demon dragons
Leya: Afodfrea
Agana: A lot of people


18. Do you want this to be done yet?

Carpe Noctem: Oh my, you've read my mind you fascinating little genius
Kincaid: Kinda
Zeus: I've got nothing better to do
Leya: It's getting agitating
Agana: I don't necessarily have to answer


19. It's not done yet. I have one more question for you, how do you feel about that?

Carpe Noctem: I wish I was dead now...
Kincaid: Whatever
Zeus: *too busy staring at himself in the mirror* Mmm? What now?
Leya: *rolls eyes and sighs*
Agana: *taps claws impatiently*


20. you wanna build a snowman?

Carpe Noctem: Nope
Kincaid: Sure - let's cover Zeus in snow!
Zeus: Just don't put snow on me!
Leya: Sure
Agana: How frivolous 


21. What if you saw your crush with someone else?

Carpe Noctem: I'd kill them both... I killed my own wife afterall for being a glutton
Kincaid: I'd die
Zeus: Curse them
Leya: Kill them
Agana: I'd hurt them


22. Who is your crush/significant other?

Carpe Noctem: She is to remain nameless, for now
Kincaid: My gorgeous Ulalume
Zeus: I'm married to a witch named Eletrina but I'll crush and HAVE anyone I want
Leya: Graffiti
Agana: Gmiri and Kaspar


23. Could you ever kill someone without any hesitation?

Carpe Noctem: ___________________________________________---All the time---_________________
Kincaid: I used to... but now I'm more considerate
Zeus: Would you believe, I'm not a fan of killing?
Leya: I always hesitate when I shouldn't
Agana: If there seems to be proof


24. Have you ever traveled anywhere in the world?

Carpe Noctem: One place other then Dragondera - but that's a secret
Kincaid: Nah, just Dragondera
Zeus: Anywhere on Yedidya
Leya: Just Dragondera
Agana: Dabrac and Dragondera


25. If you had a super power what would it be?

Carpe Noctem: Slaughter everyone in a thought
Kincaid: Get my wings back to fly
Zeus: If I were to say it'd have to be censored 
Leya: Go back in time to stop Reaper killing my family 
Agana: Hypnotize people

26. If you could be anything other then what you are - what would it be?

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Hetalia Series/ Reader Inserts - Above 10 Chapters
Want a Reader Insert for Hetalia or any other series you can think of, but want more then ten chapters, then the price is 20 points...
If you want just one chapter or a shorter series, then send me a note and you'll pay less.
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Dragon or Lion of whatever you like as a simple comic strip or page
This is for ONE page only though
Comic Series - with your script (up to 50 pages)
If you want a series of comic pages from me then it will be expensive - comics take a lot of work when they're more then one page and can vary greatly in length.
It is cheaper though if you have your own script prepared.
Comic Series - No script and/or over 50 Pages
If you want a series of comic pages from me then it will be expensive - comics take a lot of work when they're more then one page and can vary greatly in length.
If you have no script at all and just a general idea then it is more expensive
Whether you have a script, if it is over 50 pages then you come here.



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I was wondering... If I paid you the 20 points could I get my HRE = Germany x reader to be 10 chapters?
Yes I'll turn it into a commission for you then
CheshireNeko247 1 day ago  Student General Artist
YAY THANK YOU! And this can still count as my one request if you want.
Then I'll hop in an extra chapter :)
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deathonthenile 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
I was wondering if you liked Labrynth by Oomph!?
My favourite is Augen Auf, but I do like Labrynth :)
Pixiegav 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your page! I also really love dragons, Hetalia, and Tolkien! :D
Fanartfangirl 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Again, spamming on your page. Just had a fun idea if I could ever make some human parodies of your dragon comics.
Fanartfangirl 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist…
This is Areknam's sister by the way, I haven't made a background for her yet.
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