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I'm starting to think over my next Hetalia series, but which wold you like to read? SEE HERE:… 

8 deviants said Germany x Pregnant Reader x Prussia - basically Reader is carrying Prussia's kid but Germany takes all the responsibilities
4 deviants said A Sequel to Silent Warrior
3 deviants said Continuation of Lady of Brandenburg…
3 deviants said A pirate Spain x Captive Princess Reader series (currently reminding me mentally of those old swashbuckling movies)…
2 deviants said At the Lady's Request…
2 deviants said Teacher England x Student Reader (college/ university level)
1 deviant said Continuation of Within the Harem…
1 deviant said Officer Russia x Servant Reader - based around the 1800s
1 deviant said Criminal Romano x Student Nurse Reader
1 deviant said Other (please comment)


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Want a commission, I will write and draw practically anything... merely look at this for information:…


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echosdusk's Profile Picture
Clare Keating
United Kingdom

I write, draw, and dream dragons. I enjoy Hetalia and a lot of Disney Animal Films, and have recently started selling novella with Kindle. Simple as that, I'm a nice person and always want to make friends! Used to love Bleach but thought it went downhill. I'm a heavy metal fan. I like the German language and know a little - but my grammar is atrocious, I also know a little French. I'm a history nut with a fascination about Georgia and edit my father's student study guides

Currently I'm working on getting my first dragon story published - it's just taking longer to edit then I thought!
Okay guys, I'm taking a long time to get things done I know but I thought I'd tell you how things are going for my Hetalia Series and how many chapters are left... and some thoughts on new ideas for later 


Okay, I'm currently running a poll to get your ideas on what new series you'd like me to start on once I trim the above list down a bit? I'm open to any suggestions and ideas you can come up with too so check it out! 

Continuation of Within The Harem - Ottoman Turkey x Harem Reader 
    Forced into the harem of an Ottoman ruler, your fears of it being degrading and vile are seemingly misplaced. With friends to make and a chance to live without fear of hunger or war, the life in the harem seems sanctuary. But internal conflicts and rivalries abound and your shifting from the newbie into the affections of Turkey may bring you into more peril then you could imagine! 

Continuation of Lady of Brandenburg - Knight Germany x Lady Reader (Arranged Marriage)
    With the empire growing and a need for the nobility to unite, your alliance to Brandenburg seems the safest way to ensure support for your family. But Ludwig is just as unsure about this forced marriage as you and learning to deal with the constant comings and goings of a night, keeping an eye on his land and trying to fall in love with your husband might just be more then you can deal with. 

Continuation of At The Lady's Request - Knight Netherlands x Princess Reader
    With your affections for your noble knight shown to him alone and so much time spent in solitude, a secret affair between you could be possible. But with rivalries in the court, boring princes trying for your hand and the constant possibility of being caught out by snooping servants eager for gossip, not to mention Abel's noble restraint, can it work out between you or will he be found and executed for despoiling the King's daughter? 

Sequel to Silent Warrior "Silent Sentinel" - Viking Sweden x Christian Reader 
    On the birth of your daughter life is grand and the worries of the past are forgotten. With the local tribes slowly turning Christian as well it might just be the best time to be alive... but when an old thorn in your side comes along and threatens your family, both you and Berwald will step up to the challenge. But how can you deal with someone so close to your husband and how can you cope when your daughter is kidnapped! 

Queen of the Spanish Seas - Pirate Spain x Royal Reader
    When your ship is attacked on the return from your elder brother's diplomatic wedding, the dashing and devilish pirate Spain will take the booty of the dowry and your booty too! Captive on his ship and expecting the worst, the plucky Spaniard reveals his true self and as his charms start to work you will start to wonder if being married off to some count would be worth as much as being queen of the seas. 

In His Brother's Place - Germany x Pregnant Reader x Prussia
    When you find out the news that you're pregnant to your boyfriend Prussia, your joy cannot be contained as for weeks he's been mentioning the possibility of marriage. But when you go to see him and find him with more then one "other" woman, your heart is broken and you don't know what to do. No matter what Prussia tries to do his words mean nothing and feeling miserable your life is nearly cut short by a speeding car when an unexpected figure sweeps you off your feet and takes you to safety. What will start off as a friendship will develop into something far greater... but you won't know this new man is the uncle of your developing child! 

Focus Please - Teacher England x Student Reader (University Level) 
    University is fantastic and at the start of your second year your grades are fantastic and its looking good. But just as you feel settled your favourite teacher quits and a new one arrives... one you can't keep your eyes off. As the infatuation starts to affect your concentration and work, you'll find that the fascination is mutual and a daring situation will present itself. 

Touch of the Hand - Officer Russia x Servant Reader (during 1800s) 
    The threat of Napoleon is all the talk of the Russian Court and as you go about your duties the officers are flooding the hallways. Some are handsome, some are slobs, some are damned enchanting but all are above your station. One particular figure catches your attention but with a reputation for cruelty to his subordinates and womanizing, you are in no doubt as to how dangerous this figure is. But when this same figures goes out of his way to assist you, a dangerous liaison involving manipulation and blackmail on his part will keep you wishing for the war to break his spell upon you! 

Always Got His Back - Criminal Dark Romano x Student Nurse Reader
    Since childhood you'd always been eager to help out those in need and the creed of your profession insists that no matter what you help out. But when a neighbour's kid drags one of his gang members, bleeding to death, into your living room, an unlikely romance will form. Yet always you will be forced to remind yourself that the man your falling for is a violent criminal and there was no guarantee that next time he wouldn't be killed. 

Don't forget I also have a HETALIA CONTEST going on till August, check it out here 


He Would Kill You - Germania x Roman Reader - 12/ 17 - Currently on TO DO list
    Having been forced to attend a slave market, your subsequent rescue from being trampled by the crowd means you take in the slave Germania. Unbeknownst to you, for the sake of politics, your father has betrothed you to Rome but already you've fallen for the warrior that has no loyalty to you or the empire and every opportunity to kill you. 

Night Wanders - Vampire Prussia x "Holy Knight" Reader - Popular Continuation - 2/10 - Started A Bit
    Events have conspired to leave you the only survivor of a terrible plague and having met the seemingly gentile creature to have caused such misery, can you really go forth on your own to defeat this being and maintain your soul's purity? 

Rattlesnake - Cowboy America x Reader - 3/12 - IN PROGRESS
    Running a hotel in cattle country can be exciting, but with Mr Kirkland buying up local business and farms, everyone is looking for someone to shake things up and knock the high class Englishman off his throne. Along comes Alfred "Rattlesnake" Jones, the quickest gun in the west and best horse breeder too, but his appearance on the scene will only pull you into the dangerous world of cowboys and the chaos of settling in the Old American West. 

Moonlit Affairs - Neko Reader x Lithuania - 6/7 - IN PROGRESS
    When a strange gypsy woman curses you and you become a cat, there seems no hope of a reprieve until the day you are taken into Russia's household. Here life is comfortable and calm until your human side starts to develop again alongside your feelings for Lithuania. With a chance to break the spell and gain love, what could you loose in trying? 

Russia's Kitty - Neko Reader x Russia - 10/12 - Chapter Trade - ON HOLD
    When Russia adopted an adorable little cat he had no idea where life would take him. When an accidental magic trip to England results in his cat transforming into a human, and back again sporadically, life becomes chaotic. Even more so as you start to wonder whether you want to remain a cat or stay beside your beloved Russia. 

Order of the Horse - Horse Reader x Horse Prussia - 8/15 - Chapter Trade - On TO DO list
    Born to enter the ranks of the Teutonic Order, your life in the care of Meister Karl is pleasurable especially with your dear friend Gilbert. But life and war for a horse are two different things and drawn into the necessary role of a horse in breed improvement and action, your life will never be the same as you face the people of Novgorod on a lake of ice!

Trial of Blood - Vampire Reader x Hunter Netherlands - 9/12 - Popular Continuation - IN PROGRESS
    Life as a vampire with your father Romania is an interesting time indeed, but being a young woman your interest in finding love and having your own kids is sparking. When you disobey your father's rules and inadvertently save the life of a hunter, your heart beats again and though it will only come to tragedy - you must win his love!

Holy Rome and Me - Neko Country Reader x Holy Roman Empire (as Germany) - 4/11 - Commission - On TO DO list
    Captured by knights of the Holy Roman Empire, your life as an entertainment piece in the court of the emperor is forever changed when you make friends with the country itself and begin a life time of friendship and love that will transcend the pages of history no matter where you are... 

Lust in the Lab - Scientist Reader x Scientist Iceland (Posing as Scientist Norway) - 3/6 - On TO DO list
    Life with your husband Arthur and two rambunctious offspring is becoming unbearable and work is your only sanctuary. With your marriage on the fritz the last thing you need is someone attractive, smart, single and already someone you admire to stroll in the door and pull on your heart strings. But this scientist is not acting as arrogant as you recall... is there something more secret then your wishes for an affair about this character? 

Midnight Fantasia - Ghost Highwayman England x Reincarnation/ Paranormal Investigator Reader - 3/5 - Started A Bit
    Drawn to the ghost-ridden region of East Anglia, England, your mind is reeling with strange dreams about loving a highwayman who was killed because of you! After learning the story, the presence of the ghosts of the past draws you into a visionary dream to re-live the moment and guide your beloved to the other side. 

Pirates of the Atlantic - Pirate Germany x Pirate (OC) Luxemburg x Stowaway America - 3/4 - Prize - On TO DO list
    Escaping his oppressive father's boot upon his country, Alfred Jones hops into the cargo hold of a boat, only to be hauled onto a pirate ship along with the booty. At risk of being killed Alfred attempts and escape but to his great horror he winds up crashing into the private quarters of the second-in-command... a woman! Caught by Germany and handed over as Luxemburg's prisoner, her fascination with the uses of the young man will spare his life... for now. 

Seat of Power - Demon Russia x Presidential Reader - 3/5 - In Progress
    When a competition in hell draws Russia to your side, attempting to win the presidential race on your island community will prove dangerously easy. But just as you start to become complacent in the ways of this enchanting demon... the price of such help will rear its ugly head. 

Looking for his Beauty - Male Cursed Reader x Ukraine - 0.5/ 5 - On To Do List
    Cursed when your arrogance led you into being tricked to take a friend's place, your desperation and loneliness has taken its toll. You will no longer send letters to lure women in to seek love but you will go out and find one. What you don't expect is to find love in the anxious, clumsy and yet adorable form of Ukraine. 

Abide by the Family - Mafia 2p! Italy x Mafia Reader (Arranged Marriage) - 0/2 - REQUEST - In Progress
    With the family trying to build links with others, your forced into an arranged marriage with a man you could not possibly love. Arrogant, aggressive and vile you're previous show of hatred towards him was misread for coy behaviour and now you must learn to either love him or work your way into using him for the sake of your life. 

Internal Conflicts - Slavic Reader x Germany (within Nazi Germany) - Commission - 0/7 - On TO DO list
    Life has been good to you since you arrived in Germany fleeing the Bolsheviks in Russia. Not only have you maintained a job as a servant in the household of a very important member of a special organisation but you have the affection of his youngest son. Love and a grand future look within reach to you until the reality of Germany's father and brother's occupation become clear and the risk of your non-Aryan blood mixing with his is seen as heinous. Will you and Germany be able to stay together or will you be shunted off to a work camp like the rest? 

Hope you like the sound of all of these :P


I prefer drawing dragons but I can do other animals and some anthro
For more mature drawings (e.g. violence) or more then three characters, please Note me first
Story Under 10 Chapters Over 3 Chapters
Any story or fan-fiction you would like me to write that will be under 10 chapters long but over 3 parts. 
Please NOTE me for more information or with what you seek

No creepypasta or Homestuck however
Dragonised Characters
Your OCs or other character transformed into one of my dragons
Stories Above 10 Chapters
Any story or fan-fiction you'd like me to write that you want to go from 10 chapters plus but under 20

No Creepypasta or Homestuck
Story over 20 chapters
If you'e got an idea you want over twenty chapters of then click here 

No Creepypasta or Homestuck
Comic Page
Animals only - I can't draw humans
Special Writing
For writing work you do not want published on deviantart but done for you, note me first and we'll talk about it
Comic Series - with your script (up to 50 pages)
If you want a series of comic pages from me then it will be expensive - comics take a lot of work when they're more then one page and can vary greatly in length.
It is cheaper though if you have your own script prepared.
Comic Series - No script and/or over 50 Pages
If you want a series of comic pages from me then it will be expensive - comics take a lot of work when they're more then one page and can vary greatly in length.
If you have no script at all and just a general idea then it is more expensive
Whether you have a script, if it is over 50 pages then you come here.



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