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January 6, 2013
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Arranged Surprise
A Lemon Reader x China

(No, you're not A Lemon, its lemon :D)

* * * * *

You had left yourself in the hands of the match-maker to choose the husband that you would best suit. You had coped with a lot of scrutiny from her and to your surprise by your family's belief you'd scored high! Incredibly high actually, you'd been selected as the appropriate bride for Wang Yao, China himself. It was indeed a great honour and you were a quiet creature with graceful poise, high standing, and such an endearing face that no one thought he would be able to resist you….

But he had not been the one at the wedding due to some emergency situation and a representative had been prepared for the event. You had heard rumours of such things done for emperors and kings, but it seemed somewhat out of place. Yet you did as was asked and were taken to his large home, even though for the first week of your marriage he was not even there….

The day he did turn up, you received a startle when you woke up in to sit up and scream at the man that was staring at you with wide eyes, a giant green dragon behind him! You launched out of the bed and grabbed the nearest item to you as you pulled the silken sheet off and covered your half-naked body. You were lucky to have grabbed some old authentic spear and it seemed to scare the man in front of you, but it was the dragon that started laughing.

"Silly fool…. This is your wife as promised; fun little thing she's fiery and that I like!" The big green dragon chuckled before gripping the edge of a window with his claws and hovering out. You watched in surprise, feeling as though your eyes were going to pop out and into your gaping jaw. You stared at the neat young man in front of you, this was China – this was your husband now?

"Ai-ya, why does no one tell me these things!" China growled in annoyance, flapping his long-sleeved arms around and pacing back and forth in the room. You watched him, a little taken aback by his seeming ignorance to the whole thing. Had he really not known? Was that why he hadn't turned up at the wedding?

"Um… You didn't know? But they sent a representative and they let me in here and everything. I'm sorry; I don't mean to offend you!" You mumbled nervously, grabbing the nearest nightgown to you and pulled it over yourself before slowly dropping down onto your knees and using the remnant of the bed sheet you'd pulled off to cover who bright red your face had turned.

"What are you hiding from?" He questioned in confusion and lowered himself to where you were hiding. He lifted the cover off you just a little too hard and you gave a squeak as he saw your pretty little body with your silken nightdress that was very thin – thin enough to show your pert breasts and silky flesh beneath. His eyes were wide for a moment, before dropping the sheet, spinning around and hiding his blush from you as he bit on his lips. His eyes tried to melt out of his head for a moment. "Why are you so inappropriate in my bed?"

"Forgive me! It's my nightwear, and I'm your wife so I thought you would not mind!" You muttered gently as you stood up and looked around anxiously. You could not see where your clothes had suddenly gone to and something in your mind wondered if maybe the dragon had been involved with it. However, as you voiced your anxiety, trying hard to be a good little wife you heard his angry shout and turned around, dropping swiftly onto all fours.

"That's no excuse! You shouldn't be so naked!" He cried and then began to pace back and forth. You were confused by his upset and quickly tried to make up for it. You were so embarrassed and also quite unhappy – this was not how he was supposed to talk to you the first time he met you. Weren't men supposed to be happy to see a woman in their own bed anyway?

"Forgive me master, next time I will cover myself more fully." You nodded obediently and then stood up again to continue your search for clothes. But as you did so, something in the air told you that everything had been a misunderstanding. You were not exactly crying or getting upset over it all, but China seemed to panic for a moment. Perhaps he had mistaken what you had meant? Or was it that you were mistaking what he wanted for something else? Maybe this was just a case of embarrassment.

"Wait… I didn't mean you weren't pretty, I just… I…" He turned back to you and touched your shoulder. He froze just as you did; your heart began to pump fast and beat a hundred times heavier at the curious warmth against your soft skin. His own heartbeats echoed around his ears and suddenly he was gaping like a carp. You turned around to him with a gentle smile upon your face. It must be difficult for him to believe that he had been married by his bosses, but it was the truth. The warmth had been endearing to you, and with a chuckle you pressed close to him.

"It's alright, I understand. I was not paid by anyone to pretend and this is not a joke made by someone like Mr France. This is the bidding of your master – this is real." You smiled, your eyebrows lifting slightly and a curiously coy glint flickering within. His eyes swelled as you pressed close against him and boldly pressed your pretty pink-painted lips to his soft pale ones. The kiss was gentle, you did not need to coax him on or hold him – it was designed to be quick ad once done you stood firmly in front of him and began to remove your clothing.

"I… I…" He began as he found himself staring at your brilliant ____ skin, soft looking breasts, and overall the beauty that you were. Perhaps it finally came to his mind that you were his, as he breathed a long sigh and stepped closer. You were surprised as he wrapped his arms back around you and quickly began to grab at your soft flesh. He gripped tenderly at your shoulders and pulled you into him so that he could feel your warm skin against him. "I never thought I would be lucky to be gifted someone so exquisite."

Your face was red with blush, but his seemed to have turned into something else now. There was a look of lust in his eyes and you feigned surprise as he stretched his hands downward to feel the curve of your back and the roundness of your buttocks. He gave them a slight squeeze and you gave a little gasp that made him blush heavily. Then he pulled his hands back to your shoulders and gave you a firm kiss. You were surprised at the length he held it and the curiously delightful sensation of his lips against yours and his tongue probing your bottom lip. Then he released you and looked a little sheepish, your own arousal had been awakened by his advances and you smiled gently.

"Well, you are my husband… so I am your servant…" You bowed low and were surprised to see China bowing low to you. He pressed his lips to yours again and with surprising ease pushed himself over you and let you lie flat be smiling warmly and stroking your face in delight.

"Let's say inside the home, we're equal!"
I don’t think this was my best one, but China’s a difficult character to write for I think. I wasn’t too sure if it was “lemon” enough, but I felt this is where it needed to be.
I hope you have enjoyed this, like any of my Christmas requests if you wanted it to continue please donate a point or two to me and say why you want me to continue…

Part Two: [link]
Hetalia © Himaruya
Story © :iconechosdusk:
Request by :iconthe-tart-queen:
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