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October 15, 2012
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The Crooked-Winged Bat

This is a Commission series for my friend xSpickeyx and is a Romania x Reader
Insert story. I hope you enjoy it!

Part One: Partners

The shriek sounded by your ear and you spun on the point of your toes, twisted, and cut the beast in half before its claws reached you. Another lurched upward and you dropped the sword down in a hard chopping motion before one last enemy touched your shoulder guard and lost their head. There was a spray of strange dark liquid, not really blood at all, and then there was silence.

"I think that takes my count up to one thousand dead Ghouls and fifty-seven Rebel Vampire lords. Not bad…" You chuckled to yourself, sucking in deep gulps of air and preparing for another messenger to pop out of the air and send you on your way. But to your surprise, the puff was larger then normal and instead of that demonic little Gilbird appearing and honking at your for attention, there was a scroll of paper on the bloody mess and you groaned, picking it up just as the corpses in the cellar turned back into piles of ash.

"Hello Agent 43,
Super happy lala on wiping out another Rebel sect, your work has come to our attention and we are pleased to tell you that you will be upgraded to the rank of a Slayer. With this upgrade comes the increase in commission fees and the respect of the locals for being so awesome… but not as awesome as me.
No one can be more awesome then me.
So enjoy your little bonus and be ready to move onto the town of Smoking Faucet to meet up with your new vampire partner and your Official.
From Prussia, and the Ministry of Vampire Removal, mit love!"

"Partner? What do I need a partner for?" You snapped, only to hear a groaning sound behind you, flick a silver dagger backward from your long dark brown cloak and grin. "Make those one-thousand-and-one ghouls…"

* * * * *

When you had been a kid the strange city on the boarders of the Shadow Kingdom where the "good" vampires segregated themselves was apparently an amazing and thriving place. It was supposed to be a jewel of industrial wealth and high-ranked citizens, not the kind of place you would have seen yourself going. But then again, you had been raised a noble-lady until one of the neighbouring vampire lords had gone renegade and killed everyone but you. You'd not found the creature since, but you had been lucky to be adopted by the MOVR by Mister Austria; who had been your godfather and a political ally of your father.

But now your black Mastiff-Horse strolled over a dank dirty street of smoky chimneys and clacking wheels as you realised that Smoking Faucet was instead a workman's paradise. With a grunt that was echoed in the growl of your hybridised horse, you spotted the rusty old tavern that you were supposed to meet your new companion with and sighed deeply. Getting off the horse and leading him to a stable where he could eat the rats and do the yard owner a favour; not that the flaky old man did not complain about it, you turned to the building and with your metal-studded boots thundering under your slight frame, stepped inside like a shadow of death.

The people blinked and stared at you once, then shrugged and turned to their drink once more. That was a refreshing surprise!

"Excuse me sir, I'm here to meet Agent WES…" The tavern owner gave a little chuckle before taking a key from the board behind him and a book. He made you sign the guestbook, gave you another little scroll that told you the room was prepaid and there would be a lunch ready (courtesy of WES), and then passed the key. He pointed a finger toward the set of stairs and then gruffly muttered the eighth door on the second floor before chuckling to himself again.

Yeah, he'd probably met Agent WES, or rather agent Western Europe Spain, who was currently your officer and dealt with all the paperwork – though sometimes he would leave it so late that Prussia would slap him with a large health and safety manual. But Spain, although a nice guy, was a little too clingy for you and as usual you opened the door to see he'd setup lunch for you and was ironing one of your shirts….

"Hello Spain, how are you doing? Oh god, please stop going to my house and bringing me fresh laundry it's really creepy!" You groaned in annoyance and managed to suppress the urge to smack your face into the nearby wall when you spotted your favourite pyjamas folded neatly over your bed and a little night-light stuck to the wall. Okay, Spain had some issues about coddling his recruits but that was just a little too creepy and you half expected him to offer a pacifier.

"I'm surprised a woman of your reputation doesn't have a teddy bear to go with that cute little ensemble." The hair on the back of your neck stood on end and you almost screeched in horror at the sensation of something behind you. Almost spontaneously you sniffed the air and knew straight away that there was a vampire lord behind you. What was going on? Spain seemed to be smiling visibly as if nothing was wrong and for the slightest moment you were afraid that he'd been turned into one of them, like poor Egypt had!

"You're so dead!" You growled before spinning neatly on your heel and flashing one of your hidden wooden stakes. To your horror the stake was broken in half and you were being held tightly at the throat! With a hiss of annoyance you tried to wriggle free only to realise that the hand on your neck was the wrong way up…. The cloak in front of you fell to the ground and you gave a nervous gulp as your nose came to within an inch of touching your enemy.

"That's so unfriendly! I'm not a bad guy you know, despite what Bulgaria might think of me! I'm really quite charming!" A cheeky fang glittered on the edge of a crooked smile and for a moment you were stunned at how the creature was standing on the roof as easily as if he were on the floor. With a slow blink you noticed that the big red eyes were staring straight into your, flickering in delight at something you could not guess. They seemed to hold you in place as he manipulated your wrist and pulled the hand to his mouth. Your heart stopped for a second as he pursed his lips, only to kiss it gently and then flash the fact that he had only one fang in his mouth.

"Just who the hell are you?" You questioned with an angry growl as he released your wrist, resisting as much of your urges as possible to slap him around the face. But before he could say anything more, Spain suddenly chirped up and gripped you in a tight hug. You were pinned with your hands flapping like flippers at the air to try and push him aside as he continued to hug you and cry on your shoulder.

"I was so worried the roads were filled with bandits and you're such a little girl I didn't want them to hurt you." Spain continued to sob for a moment before you muttered a few reassurances before being released. You shook your head in annoyance, reaching inside your own black cloak to remove your identity card, only to see it hanging from a thin red ribbon in front of your eyes.

"Hey, give it back you damn vampire!" You snarled angrily and tried to snatch it from the air. But the vampire with his big cheeky eyes, strawberry blonde bangs, and vicious grin simply strolled along the ceiling, twirling the ribbon around his finger. You wanted to stab him again, but before you had a chance Spain decided to do the introductions.

"Well now, let's begin – Romania, this is Miss ____; Austria's number one pupil and the only living relative of the famous _____ Vampire Hunters. She's one of our best juniors and her promotion today has meant she's now your partner. Unlike you she's much more serious and does not make the kinds of mistakes that would loose her vital informations… unlike you." Spain grinned visibly and picked up Romania's cape from the floor only to straighten it out and hang it over one of the chests of drawers in the room.

"Romania? I hear from Mistress Hungary that you're a pain in the backside. In fact she nicknames the stupidest of her Hellhounds after you…. I should have guessed you were on our side because of the missing fang – so I'm sorry for attacking you." You sighed deeply, your shoulders sagging, and rolled your eyes.

He dropped from the ceiling, passed you back his card with a little cheeky glint to his grin and then gave you a firm smack on the backside. You almost bolted around to smack him in the face, only to realise that he was smiling in a much more heart-warming fashion, and you ended up blushing. You had never blushed in years, not since Prussia had suggested you being promoted straight into the elite when you joined the order – something Austria said you would have to prove first.

"Oooh… maybe I should have ordered some wine and rented out a different room for me and Romania to stay in tonight." Spain giggled in amusement only to see you prepare to throw another knife at him. He quickly bustled toward the washroom to avoid it, leaving Romania grinning at you.

"I bet you look damn cute asleep in those pyjamas, _____."

* * * * *

Somewhere out in the wilds surrounding the heavy industrial centre was a strange hollowed out hillock, and another strange figure in crimson coloured cloaks was stepping into it. Upon entering the warren within, a strange blue and grey pad appeared from the wall and began a long process of scanning the creature with a curious green laser. The figure waited patiently for the automatic voice to confirm whom they were, growling softly in annoyance that it would take so long when they were so important. But soon the voice spoke and a golden object, almost as hard and natural looking as a slab of sandstone, appeared in front of the being's feet. They stepped on and were suddenly shooting down a massive tube.

It stopped close to a dark tunnel where a large black dragon was flicking its tongue in the figure's direction. The figure gave a groan of annoyance before muttering something in an old language that only the scholars now remembered. The creature gave an angry growl, but before the cloaked being could say anything else to try and calm it a new figure appeared. Dressed in black harem pants and a red coloured piece of cloth that held the figure's chest in place, the female that approached reached out a hand draped in glittering golden sheets and patted the dragons face. At her motion the beast settled and the cloaked being followed her into the den of a very notorious vampire lord. He sat with two younger male fanning him whilst draped about the floor of cushions and soft rugs were women in barely any clothing at all. The figure on the chair kept his face covered by a large white mask, save his mouth which lit into a wide grin of dangerous teeth.

"I have word from the Steaming Faucet Village, master." The figure spoke with a nervous tone, shaking as dark eyes flicked over it. The females, all drunk with whatever blood they had been feeding from with heir master, gave a few mutters of annoyance at the words of the figure but then froze in thought as the creature then began to mumble again. "The agency has sent the child in question and she has a vampire entourage. How do you wish to precede, Sahip?"

"Keep and eye on that girl…. At the first chance we get have one of our fellows get her down here and find someone strong enough to take out whatever vampire is foolish enough to come here." The voice half purred, his accent slightly amusing to a few of the harem girls who were quickly silenced by a growling sound from the figure that had tamed the dragon. The master of this particular cult then began to chuckle himself. "I assume she thinks she can either kill or convince that damn brat to join them and go against me… whether he does or not, don't make it too easy for the girl. We have to see if she is worthy to join our great cause…."
So here we go the first chapter! If it is to the ideal of the commissioner then I will continue it. If not it’ll have to sit behind my other projects.

If you enjoy this story, remember that all the real credit goes to the commissioner for kicking me into writing.

PART TWO: [link]
PART THREE: [link]

Hetalia © Himaruya
Story © Me
Inspiration/ Commissioner – xSpickeyx Thank her if you like it!
The Picture is (C) to whoever made it, I don't know I found it on Google
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