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December 3, 2012
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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)

The Perfect Creature – Vampire!Reader x Nazi!Germany

Your grin was visible and your teeth were sharp within it; if only you were not so tired from being strung up like the Da Vinci Man model you'd be chuckling away to encourage their fear. You liked fear, it seemed to feed you when you were stressed but more so from these beings that shuddered behind their door at the sight of your vivid red eyes with snake-like pupils.

These beings were once called the National Party, the little political group that wanted change and what not for their noble country after his terrible defeat and his former boss running away. But where the innocence of nationalism and improving yourself had turned into ignorance for the cost of it all; those beings holding that nationalist nickname "Nazi", were no longer just a political party. They were incarnations of the purest hatred and the desire to blame others for what they believed was not their fault – they were not alone in such endeavors, but their sudden obsession for a perfect race had affected you.

You and your race were often quiet and overlooked by humanity, you'd been forced to play it down for centuries because of mass hysteria but always you thrived in the atmospheres of hate and war. But you were not the cruel beast that some of your relatives were, you had remained abstinent of human blood for a long time and isolated from their world as a nun in a cloister.

But someone had ratted your species out; someone had informed the world that a "perfect race" existed amongst the Sudetenland on the boarder of southern Germany and Czechoslovakia. When the so-called Nazis had entered the land in what was technically a declaration of war but the rest of the world tried hard to ignore and justify, your people had been located and swiftly pulled from their holes and into the light of laboratories and testing areas.

For months you had been listening to the screams of the others as each one was tested upon and tormented for whatever information could be granted to the humans and you were afraid of when your turn would be next. In fact, you'd gone slightly unhinged from it all and were willing to kill and break your oath if it meant escaping.

There was always another time to weep for everyone and to scream for the agony you had suffered…..

"Is she properly restrained?" The voice came from behind the door, the voice rather high-pitched and nasal, the voice of one of the white-coats that had come in the past few days to take samples of your blood and inspect… well they inspected your anatomy! You craned your head to the side like a curious predator and flashed your teeth again as you listened in. "Good… then we should leave the master with her."

Your eyes blazed and you felt a heat of sickening anger rising inside your body at the idea that someone was going to be left with you. What did these creatures want from you? Were they going to extract your blood and try to make other creatures like you? They had no understanding of the powers your people held and the limitations. But your eyes widened and your heart quickened when the door was opened and a new figure stepped into the room.

Dressed head to toe in the familiar black clothes with the slight silver buttons and linings, and that emblem with the two lightning-bolt like S letters…. Well there could be no mistake what this creature was that had entered the room to interrogate you. This was definitely about creating some kind of powerful weapon, but you could not help your eyes slipping around the neat build, tall straight stance, beautiful golden blonde strands of hair pulled back neatly, and those dazzling blue eyes.

"Guten Abend, sprechen Sie Deutsch?" The being questioned, you watched his stony expression and were saddened by a lack of emotion. Perhaps that was how they created their soldiers now – emotionless so that atrocities were easier to commit? You breathed a gentle sigh of annoyance before turning around and speaking perfect German, which startled him a little.

"<Yes of course I do… I can speak any language you want me to. Is there a particular reason you would assume me to speak a different language?>" You growled in annoyance, but for once you felt a little heat of delight within your body at the suddenly crooked smile, possibly even a smirk, that tweaked at the edge of the officer's jaw.

"<They said you were temperamental, but I can sympathize when you are stuck inside listening to the sound of your fellow beings in pain. But unlike you, that knowledge has driven me this far and I will not hide away or pretend I do not exist.>" His words were laced with vehement feelings that you could understand and yet you were weary of him. He knew a lot about what you had been doing already and that meant that one of your companions must have been quite severally tortured. But your own spiteful and rebellious nature urged you to speak out.

"<At least I do not rely on genocide to solve my problems… or none of you would exist.>" Your words struck a nerve, a nerve enough that a black gloved hand was able to slap you hard around the face. The moment you felt that bitter yet delicious twinge of pain, a justification for your words and yet also for your sorrow, you chuckled evilly. "<That old trick lost its sting a while ago. There is no information I will give you and death I await in delight.>"

"<It must seem so easy to wish for death when you are the last…>" Your eyes burnt and you bit down on your lips hard enough to dribble a little blood at his words. He must have really tortured your companions to get that little slice of information and suddenly the events of the past few ages in captivity rang around your head. They had always known it hadn't they? The grin emerged on your tormentor and you listened fearfully at his words. "<It must seem so much easier to die then face the reality that the weight of your species relies on you alone as the last female…. It is not dissimilar to the weight I carry to ensure the survival of everything I hold dear.>"

You could not tell if you wanted to howl or scream at him for these words. They seemed both to make you like him and hate him as you tried hard to fight the emotions bubbling up within. You had to maintain a confident and violent air to stop him from seeing how vulnerable you truly were, to stop him using anything against you. Yes, you were the last female of your vampire species that existed and yes, everything did seem to be sitting on your shoulders right now…. But you couldn't help your race when you were imprisoned.

"<What do they call you?>" He had stepped closer, placed a gentle hand to your shoulder and was slowly undoing your restraints. As he released you a feeling of gentility and sweetness seemed to flood you and you looked at him anxiously. There it was, a flash of terror within his brilliant blues that told you he had to do a job he did not want to… all for the sake of duty.

"______" You stated flatly as you were finally freed and rubbed at your sore wrists. He seemed to whisper your name softly behind you, but made no motion to hurt you again or do anything cruel. For a moment you felt a little sorry for him and willing to turn around and thank him, but something else took that over.

"GOTT IN HIMMEL!" He screeched as you pushed your hand into his back and pinned him to the ground. No matter how weak you had been made there was no way any being could stop you from getting what you needed now. You wanted blood, your tongue lolled softly, and with a sweet whisper by his ear as you gently stroked at his neck, you questioned him for a name. "Deutschland!"

"Germany? <That is not believable! I'm sure you all say that when you interrogate others you Nazi bastards! Why have you hurt my people? Why have you brought me here?>" You hissed angrily, though tears began to swell in your eyes as you pulled him close to you. Your hand was over his heart, you unbuttoned a part of his shirt in an attempt to slip in and find the warmth from the throbbing vessels, but you could feel something fearful…. He was not letting his heart beat in pure fear, but with a sort of restraint that made your hand slip southward. The excitement that touched you made you leap away and drop him to the ground. You pointed a hand out to him, a finger trembling along with your lips as your confident manner turned straight away to one of terror. "<NO! You can't be thinking like that! It's not right! You should be terrified of me… I should hold the power and you should be begging for your life!>"

"<Is it so unique for you to know that a man finds you attractive? What your servants have said is quite true… you've never been touched and always hidden away. There is no real bravado within is there, _____? You're as terrified as any virgin girl!>" There was an angry growl in his voice this time and you could feel your body shaking as he stood up and advanced on you. The tables had turned and you were the weakling as he stepped over and firmly took you neck in his firm grip. You could not even grip his hands to try to pull them away, but suddenly you felt you own body swimming at a fierce kiss from his soft lips. "<But I am what I am… I must do what is needed for my people, and the means I must create the perfect creature with you….>"
The “<>” means you are speaking another language but you’re reading it as English.
This story is a request from ZombieMouseDoom for their free Christmas Request and let me tell you it’s enjoyable to do a dark story I could continue with this one in fact I would but if you want me to continue, then all I need is one donation from anyone of a point….
Doesn’t matter how much, just put a donation in with a comment saying the story title you want me to continue with?
Why this? Well if I treat it like a commission it gets written above my other stories and encourages me to right. Plus it show’s me what’s popular. It’s not because I’m desperate for points because I use them more for competition prizes.


PART TWO: [link]

Hetalia (C) Himaurya
Story (C) Me
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