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February 16, 2013
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Russia's Kitty

A Neko Reader x Russia
The noises of battle had stopped and you shuddered beneath your soft _____ fur as the scent of blood reached you. The cold winter had left you starving and this human war had left you homeless. Alone and weak you were glad to know that the chaos was over and once again there was only one thing you could do to survive - ask the humans for help.
You needed to be careful though, the last time you went near the German soldiers holed up in the city you had almost been eaten, they had been more desperate in the snow then you had! But with it all over, the gaunt and half-dead figures being led away by the Russians that usually lived in this city, you watched the soldiers, trying to figure out who to approach. You knew you had a cute kitten look to you, it would be useful in getting attention and your purr was very loud and you were in general a beautiful little girl! No one could hate a little kitty like you!
As you eyed up the individuals you spotted one that looked more depressed but more powerful then the rest of the Russians. He was wearing a large beige coat with a large scarf and as it fluttered in the icy wind, your eyes swelled. You bounded without fear amongst the masses of ice and rubble to run straight to the big boots of the man and bat at his scarf. It fluttered in your face and you mewed as adorably as possible as you gripped the fabric with neat little claws and gave it a gentle tug before releasing it. You seemed enchanted by the scarf, or at least that's what the soldiers thought as they paused to watch you with smiles they never thought they'd wear again. You were more interested in the large sad individual and when a dark purple cloud seemed to descend upon you, you froze with a nervous mew as he bent down and scooped you up.
Fearfully you mewed again as you were pulled to stare him in the face. He looked terrifying and yet still sad, so despite your nervous fear you did not scratch him and instead you gave a little mew and licked his big nose. Suddenly he gave a little giggle and you watched tears trickle down his cheeks before he suddenly pulled you close and began to smile warmly as he rubbed his head against yours. You gave out massive purrs of delight and joy, occasionally giving a little rumbling mew of delight to keep him happy.
You'd found your owner now!
* * * * *
Time went by and that place, Stalingrad was not the only place where battle was going on. Although you were not taken to scary places again and you never got hungry in this warm big house, your master, Mr Russia, was always sad. When he returned to the office after each horrible day he would sit down and look as if he were about to cry. To you he was a gentle human with soft fingers and a keen knowledge of your itchy spots... but all the other humans were scared of him. So whenever you saw him upset, you'd leap onto his lap and purr for him for hours.
You'd been with him five years and because you cheered him up so much, he carried you around wherever he went like a Bond villain. You visited America and spat at Alfred, you visited Germany and chased his dogs around, you visited Italy but refused to purr and he got scared when Russia thought he was hurting you. You visited many places for many reasons and learnt a lot, plu wherever you went each night you cuddled up against Russia, occasionally purring to put him into a gentle sleep whilst you curled up into his belly. You were always happy and then you visited England's house.
England was doing some strange magic thing in his basement and Russia had come down to watch and see if he could be of any kind of help. However Russia was being snapped at and though he tried not to seem irritated you knew he was upset. So you had intended to go and teach England a lesson by scratching his matching Union Jack socks, but upon stepping into the shining green circle you heard Russia gave a howl of horror as you suddenly disappeared in a ball of light.
You did not know where you'd gone, but when you were returned, you were startled to see your master crying whilst throttling England. England spotted you first and gave a scream and then your master spotted you and looked shocked.
“What's wrong master? I'm okay, see?" You tried to mew but it came out seeming strange. You leant forward, lifting your front legs only to suddenly slump forward and smack your face into the floor. You immediately sat up, feeling awkward as you did so and began to cry because when you batted at your nose, it did not feel the same and when you looked... there was blood and your paws were not paws anymore. “WAGH! What's happened to me?"
“Oh damn it looks like the transformation spell did work... but your pretty cat's ended up being turned into a human girl standing naked in my basement instead of being turned into some awesome weapon to stop you." England growled and you looked at him with twinkling eyes before trying to twitch your ear and realising you couldn't. Russia looked at England with a sort of cruel grin and was about to say something nasty in his calm way but you suddenly decided it was cuddle time. You bounded over, used to jumping onto his shoulders and curling around his neck... but being human you ended up knocking him out and instead sat on his chest staring at him in surprise. England just chuckled. “Well, it actually worked...."
This story was a request by :iconfanartfangirl: whom I originally wrote a different thing for because I was daft and did not update my information list when I thought I had. Sorry for that, but I hope you have enjoyed this story!

Part Two: [link]
Hetalia (C) Himaruya
Story (C) :iconechosdusk:
Request by :iconfanartfangirl:
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