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May 18, 2013
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Ultimate Mood-Killer

A Pregnant!Reader x Prussia Story

There is a little Lemon at the start

“How about one of my Awesome Massages – my little Pumpernickel Loaf…” You sat on the brand new extendable armchair with your swollen belly balancing the little plastic plate with your lunch time sandwich sitting on it. For some reason you were not feeling very hungry at all, you’d felt a little sick and even a little uncomfortable for no reason save the baby in your belly.

“Maybe that’ll help Gilbert… I don’t know what it is but your child is really making me feel uncertain about everything today. You think he’s okay?” You called over your shoulder, taking the delicious looking sandwich and placing it onto the nearest table. You shuffled up in your seat, leaning forward and giving a deep breath of concern, stroking the top of your stomach. Prussia hurried over and within a flash his cool face was against your hot belly, making your body shudder a little in delight, goodness you really felt hot today.

“Hello little Awesome-One… you don’t need to be bothering your mummy today, you need snuggling!” Gilbert chuckled gently as he began to rub your belly a little in delight, though it made you jump a little. Something about the sensation of the hand against the belly was a little painful, but when he stopped and leant forward, all thoughts were forgotten by the gentle pressing of his lips to yours. “You’re so beautiful pregnant!”  

“I must look like a walrus sunning on a beach! How can you find me attractive like this?” You groaned in annoyance, feeling slight pain but thinking it nothing more then you just getting a little indigestion. But to your surprise, Gilbert answered the question by leaning forward and giving you a rather exciting kiss. His lips were hot against yours, his tongue gently caressing yours and reminding you of the passion filled night that had created this situation.

Before you could say anything about how much you felt fat, despite the obvious fact you were pregnant, Gilbert suddenly wiggled his fingers and you knew what he wanted to do. Willingly you lifted a foot and suddenly Prussia was giving you an awesome foot massage that sent shivers down your spine and made you want to reach out and snog his brains out. You gave moans of delight as he hit each pressure point and worked out the tension before moving from your feet and doing your shoulders to your continuous praise.

“Still don’t think I’m attracted to you like this?” Prussia chuckled before slowly removing the hair from around your neck and kissing at your soft skin gently. You felt the electricity tingling through your skin and the Goosebumps rise at his gentle pecks that soon became soft sucks or occasional nibbles. All the while you gave little moans of delight, even more so as one of his hands gently stretched to stroke your side and make you shiver.

Before you could stop him Prussia was over taken with passion and once again his lips were over yours. The pair of you gripped one another tightly and you nearly pulled him onto you. He began to kiss at your cheeks and neck again, letting you give soft sounds of enjoyment as he tried to crawl over you and did not seem too bothered by the fact he was trying to reach past your belly. Just the sensation of his warm body near yours was delightful and you felt the oddest rippling of delight down the centre of your body, even….

“Uh honey…” You muttered, feeling the sudden dampness beneath that you were sure Gilbert must have noticed too. His face looked like he was sucking a lemon as he quickly looked to your legs before turning toward you. Gently you grinned and tried not to laugh or panic over what had just happened. “I forgot that doing anything like that this late into a pregnancy has uh… well my water’s just broken.”

* * * * *

Despite how many tickets Gilbert was going to get for speeding, the ride to the hospital had been not only swift but surprisingly relaxing. Gilbert had made sure the radio was loud enough to disguise his screams and swears whenever someone was in his way or you made a scream of pain – the sound of whale song never seemed so relaxing with Gilbert’s added “your beautiful keep breathing”….

Gilbird had also made himself useful with you in the back seat. As you lay with your legs slightly apart and gripping at your bloated form, he sat near your head and gave out his wheezing sounds. You realised quite swiftly that he was encouraging you to breathe the way he was and copying it was actually pretty good at dealing with the contractions and the pain. By the time you’d reached the hospital Gilbert left you alone for only five seconds before chasing people over to assist you.

It was not long before you were prepped for birth, sitting in a theatre in case of anything and mounted in stirrups. You were in a lot of pain but you were glad to be in the hospital and around the kind of staff to help you out. However, you were worried at first because Gilbert was not with you, but only seconds after you were given gas and air, the doors pushed open and he stormed in.

“Don’t worry I, the Awesome Prussia, will deliver my awesome baby from my awesome wife.” Gilbert pushed one of the midwives aside as he pulled the gloves over his hands and Gilbird assisted in putting the mask over his mouth. He looked quite prepared and you felt relieved, despite the pain that he would be taking such an important role. However, you should have guessed what would have happened as he came over to your feet in the stirrups and lifted the fabric to take a look at the situation. “OH GOD IS ZAT DE HEAD?”

Thud… Prussia was on the floor and you remained staring past the stirrups to try and figure out what had been so terrifying. It wasn’t like he had no idea what this kind of thing looked like; you’d gone to all those damn baby classes and seen the videos. God was Prussia an idiot sometimes!

“Oh Gilbert… Well, ignore the awesome Prussia and let’s deliver this baby.” You grunted in annoyance at the collapsed form of your partner. At first the staff remained staring at his form, unsure how to react and despite the pain of each thundering contract you gave a deep breath and rolled your eyes. Then you clapped your hands together and whistled them into action. “Come on I can’t do this on my own!”

The birth seemed to go on for far too long and even once the baby was out you received a shock in being told there was indeed another one coming along! Damn it, why had Prussia’s DNA been that virulent? You wanted to faint from the shock but the groan and bang as Prussia collapsed one more time did the job for you. For a brief second you were allowed to touch your first child before the pain kicked in and suddenly you were trying to suck in air and bend forward with the pushes toward your toes. Every muscles strained twice as hard as before and you felt like every vein in your forehead would pop or your organs would fall out too before the other child gave a shrill scream as it entered the world, water was dabbed at your forehead and suddenly you were gripped with a release that made you slump back against the bed in a heavy thud.

“Here madam… you twin girls!” You were still exhausted, but despite it all your eyes opened wide and you stretched your arms out to hold them. Both of them looked like their father with their already sharp features but they had your _____ eyes. Holding them in your arms was surprising – humbling and wonderful all at once as you were unsure at first you were holding them correctly or what. But as Prussia dragged himself up from the floor, he grinned visibly and hooked his arms around you before the pair of you looked down at the gentle forms of your daughters.

“Awesome!” You and Prussia repeated together.

This story was quite fun to write and I hope you don’t mind that little bit of lemon in it, it was requested by :iconlak45: and I hope she enjoys it.

Hetalia © Himaruya
Story © :iconechosdusk:
Request by :iconlak45:
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sailorcometice Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
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XD this was cute and funny! XD.
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Thank you :)
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Awww :3 I knew Gil would do that the moment he said he wanted to deliver xD
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every thing is awesome
and he couldn't handle childbirth XD
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SonJessica Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Gil tried to deliver our girls?! lol That's gonna be funny to tell at the Christmas table......
echosdusk Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014
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SonJessica Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
ahahaha I can imagine it now.......him trying to tell it as if Austria was trying to deliver them and he pushed him out of the way to do it!
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