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PART ONE: First Meeting

The morning mists rose around the seat of the Carpathian Mountains and you stood on the parapet of an old stone fortification, blinking toward the fading moon and groaning at the thought that sunlight made your special abilities hide away. It was not that you were allergic or would turn to stone like some of your evening friends; but the daylight was a lonely time for you and your master (and adopted sire), Romania, was never eager to go out and get chased by the local stray dogs again.

Dogs never bothered you, in fact one of your best friends in the entirety of the fortification was a dog, or rather Germany was a werewolf and was more or less your body guard. There was also the ghost of Japan that would follow you around, and another very troubling character called Italy who was the most ineffective incubus you'd ever met. Overall, you were never alone in the castle and although it meant you were always secure, there was one massive problem.

You were the only girl apart from the nearly vampiric Beskudy Ukraine and she acted more like a mother then anything else. Oh and there was the possibly male, possibly female, mummy everyone called Egypt but as it never spoke you couldn't tell whether it was male or female. Overall, there were no women to chat to and certainly because of it no men you could meet that had no idea that Mr Romania was your adopted father.

It was hard being a Head Vampire's Daughter!

You would have felt even more depressed had you not heard the sounds of the wolves in the mountains and a distant rumbling. You closed your eyes, feeling the world around you and realised what the noise was. An attack by some monster in the mountains had caused the horses on a carriage to freak out and the carriage had been cut loose. The wolves, starving from the late spring and horrendous winter had realised the chance of easy prey and headed after the horses and the carriage. Something in the carriage had manage to get themselves out and was fighting off the wolves, luring them away from the carriage, but you could tell there was going to be trouble for that poor being.

"Germany! Germany I need your help!" You called out and bolted from the parapet down to the courtyard in a single jump. As you landed with a small cloud of dust rising at your feet, the familiar blonde figure stepped out of his guard house. He lifted an eyebrow in curiosity as he put his fists to his hips and glared at you. With a groan you rolled your eyes at the realisation that he was going to tell you off for jumping. "I know, if I had not been careful I could have made a mistake in that jump and in day time I don't heal as fast and could have badly broken my leg. I do know Germany, but this is important!"

"What's wrong _____, are we being hunted?" Something was twinkling in his blue eyes that told you he was making a joke. But you looked at him with sharp eyes and suddenly he looked concerned. He sniffed at the air, noted the smell of trouble, and when the howl of a wolf finally reached his ears he snarled angrily. "What's going on Mistress? What do you need?"

"There's trouble in the mountains and it's the wolves causing it. A carriage has been attacked by something monstrous and the horses have been loosed. The carriage has tipped over and one of the occupants is fighting the wolves away from it. I fear there could be a child or something in the carriage, hence someone would risk their lives against the animals." You flapped your arms about like Italy would just to emphasise your phrases and make Germany get irritated enough to do what you said.

"Ah, I see..." He grunted before stroking his hair back and shaking his head in disbelief. Sometimes he thought you needed to hang around with different guys. But willingly he took a deep breath of air and paused as he listened in to the howls that were still echoing. He recognised the pack quickly and gave a snarling motion with his lips. "It's that damn one-eared mongrel's pack again. He has no respect for the rules."

With a crunching sound as the bones realigned and a low screech of pain as he forced himself to rip his own skin apart, Germany changed in front of you. Every time you saw it, you felt sorry for him but he was never too bothered in either form and at least as a big Alsatian like wolf he was never dry-humped by an idiotic incubus. You patted his head gently, much to his annoyance, and then followed him toward the special exit to get without Romania noticing.

Within a flash the pair of you were out of the guardsmen's tower chute, a tunnel built within so that when Germany had to change he could leave without fear of being seen. The chute had still had cobwebs in but you were not bothered by spiders and Germany certainly did not care as he bolted ahead. You followed on his heels, scooting across the worn path, up the slope that led into the forests, and then galloped on a straight route up the slope. The forests were wild and thick with a menacing echo that had increased with the amount of Strigoi moving into the area. As you clambered up the rounded slopes, heavy with mist, the sounds of howling and growls were closer.

"I'll go on ahead and take out the alpha!" Germany growled before darting on ahead. In the meantime it would give you the chance to check if there were injured people in the turned over carriage and you were anxious. You knew that if someone was hurt then you could react badly to it, but there was a different feeling in your body that hurled you on. Soon, when you reached the incline in the old mountain road where the carriage had snagged, your eyes stretched and flashed red at the scent of blood. You felt your fangs extend and a little trickle of excitement run through your veins, but you pulled them back and shook violently as you went to the crumpled black box and leant toward the window.

"Hello, is everyone alright in there?"

"Ja, swell! Are we in Transylvania or Hell?" The accent was surprising, but you were glad to hear that whoever it was had a sense of humour. Either there was massive blood loss for the poor person within, or they had a fantastic sense of sarcastic humour. As far as you were concerned, it was probably both.

"You're not in Transylvania itself, but you are in Wallachia and in some areas it can be described as hellish. But the important thing now is to tell me if anyone is hurt?" You called down to the person, suddenly aware that they were not alone and there were definitely some other people inside the carriage. You slid down, hoping to try and pull the item straight but waited to hear the news if anyone was hurt. You did not want to flip it over and tear someone in half!

"One moment, Hungary, Switzerland, Liechtenstein are you okay?" The person within called out and you pressed your head close to listen in to the conversation. But you only heard the loud yelling of one of the occupants.

"Yes you dang fool, but there's a massive gash on your head!" You blanched at the thought of blood, taking in a heavy gulp but then asking nervously to keep you're mind off the possible meal within.

"Who's fighting the wolves then?"

"Oh, that's our special escort - Mr Netherlands!" You heard them mutter before you gently took the edge of the wagon and pulled it down. When it was sitting straight you looked in briefly as they thanked you before assuring them that you would go an assist their friend.

As you darted through the misty trails and the moss covered mounds, the barking of Germany up ahead notified you of where the wolves were and you pulled up to see what was going on. You spotted a black-cloaked figure bashing at wolves with an odd Spanish blade and swearing in what sounded like a miss-mash of different languages. You would have chuckled if you had not seen him slash the throat of one of the wolves. You could see Germany gnawing the leg of another, but you knew that no one else should have to be killed because of hunger now that one wolf was dead. You took out the pistol from your belt and quickly checked it was filled, thankfully with regular buckshot then the silver bullets you had to use on some things. Then you lifted it to the air and prepared yourself for the sound that would do the trick for everyone. The gun went off with a crack like thunder that made your ears sing and Germany collapse on the ground with a howl. The wolves paused and galloped away in terror, smelling you and remembering who you were!

"That was a smart move, Little Miss." The voice of the stranger was very odd indeed, but you were glad you could understand it. With a heavy sigh you shook your head and then patted Germany's as he paced over with a gentle whine. But then you realised what he had said and hopped down beside him with a grunt.

"Little Miss? Oh... you're quite tall aren't you?" You were taken aback as you looked up at the height of this man, tall and thin and well… he looked quite handsome and you dared to blush. Your eyes caught the scar over on eyebrow and suddenly you were very aware that this guy was used to fighting and that you'd probably just done something emasculating toward him.

"I owe you for that, any more wolves and I wouldn't have been much use to my employers after." The man turned to look at you, a gleam of delight flashing in his eyes that you felt must had been unnatural to him. He leant in close to you, a little too close but part of you didn't want to restrict him. You smiled warmly and he seemed to smile just as vividly. "You've got a brave dog too... a German shepherd of some sort I believe?"

"That's incredibly accurate, he's got a bit of something stockier in him, but he's the bravest person I know and my protector. Oh... Can I ask your name?" You murmured, blushing heavily though Germany growled at your side. It seemed to make your acquaintance a little unnerved, and something about him told you he had lost some kind of confidence from it. But before you could hang around, Germany's nose started twitching and you could feel a ringing and familiar cry in your ears.

The sounds of villagers, who had obviously heard the gunshot, were calling out for a response and though you knew you had to go, you didn't want to. Netherlands paused to look about himself for the on coming villagers, but you wanted him to turn around and let you look at his beautiful eyes again. But you knew it couldn't happen, and part of you willed him to keep staring out for the villagers.

"You can call me Ned, if you'd like. But what is your name?" Nederland turned about to look for you, but your fear of the villagers had made you leap away. But as you ran back home you could hear his voice and you almost swooned whilst speeding away.

Things were getting interesting....
The Story: Once you were a child dancing in the market square with gay abandon when you saw a poor weak man being attacked by dogs - fearlessly you had rescued him and he’d promised to thank you properly one day. Then a terrible plague swept through your home and your family were soon dead; alone and sickly yourself there looked to be no hope for you until the stranger returned and changed your life forever in one gentle bite....
But now with someone hunting down your master, you’re determined to do whatever it takes to save him from a terrible fate at the hands of a hunter known only as the Netherlands....

PART TWO: [link]

Please note - this story is the “prequel” to this contest entry [link], and that characters from Hetalia involved are simply type-cast - there is no historical or geographical significance to any of the characters involved (only fictitious references).

Hetalia (C) Himaruya
Story (C) Me
Image (C) Whoever made it... if you know tell me so I can make sure I've got permission as I found this on Google
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WhiteAngelWolf1 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I love this too much to describe :D
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Italy who was the most ineffective incubus you'd ever met.
Ha I am a succubus i can help him in that department if you like... 
echosdusk Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Really? Interesting hehe
Fanartfangirl Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, a little tip for you. (I like it, but haven't finished reading) I'm kind of used to their human names, a little tip for continuing on fanfics, try to find all the human names. Netherlands: lars Italy: feliciano Germany: ludwig Ukraine: yekataria. and so on xD (i do not know romania's name.. :/) Japan: kiku. ^^ because some people find it weird even though they are huge hetalians, to read their country names in a story, where there is nothing to do with their original state. I mean, like in the anime. Conferences meetings and shit. In a fantasy fanfic, there's really no need to call them with their country name xD but anyway, sorry for my rant. It's just a little tip. and if people go ask you, ''Who's arthur kirkland?'' like anything like that, you can put in your author's comment who is who and that. Thanks for reading, hope I didn't rant to much. OTL :iconotlplz:
maevezz11 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
I've heard that it's tim
Fanartfangirl Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
There are a lot of names used for the Netherlands. The current one I use a lot for roleplay and stories. is Lars Jansen. A typical dutch name, since English people also could be called Tim.
echosdusk Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
No that's fine, I was going to say usually I have the opposite problem. But I will do that for later chapters, it's usually just to establish whose involved sometimes.
I mean, I like called the Netherlands one of the other name choices Abel but I know some people prefer Ned.
Fanartfangirl Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aha. But I thought I heard somewhere he's called Lars. (it's a common dutch name anyway.)
Oh well, in the fanficition I'm writing he's called Lars :X ..this one won't come out for maybe.. years? Cuz' I want to make a dousjinshi of it. But I firstly need to improve my drawing style, till then, I'm drawing charachters and maybe couples that will appear in it xD
echosdusk Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
Sounds pretty cool. Yeah I know three Dutch blokes called Lars, one called Gideon, one called Piet or Peter, Sjoerd, and a couple called Abel and Rufus... seriously, I know THREE called Rufus!
Fanartfangirl Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your english/britian right? I always find it funny how dutch people and britian people try to immitate eachother's accent! xD
echosdusk Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
That is true! Makes me laugh as well!
Fanartfangirl Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have someone in my class who can really immitate a britian accent. XD
echosdusk Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Cool, you'll have to forgive me I forgot you were Dutch
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