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Where I Belong

A Poem for Pan

I never requested my lot in life,
I’ve always drawn the short straw,
Reviled for the fact of my heritage,
For having hooves and paw,
You have never seen me for the soul I carry,
You look upon me as a stain in the land,
None of you have really talked to me,
No one has ever lent a hand,
But I’m not bitter and I will never fall short,
I am an individual of unique form,
I will have what you always crave,
I will not die alone and forlorn,
Your own attempt to punish has given me purpose,
I have an opportunity to destroy your order,
You’ve given me your son after-all,
I will brook him no bounds and give no quarter,
I will show him who I am and where I stand,
I will show you all that I don’t need to belong,
Because the world is fighting for me to pick a side,
Whether it be my own or with scales or with horn.

(C) :iconechosdusk:

Another one of my short and odd little poems as a gift for a friend….

This is a present for :iconowlibee: to help encourage her to keep going just like Pan should.

I don’t really know too much about Pan of course, but I want to know more and this is just one of my little theories for her…. Hehehe, I hope you don’t mind buddy.


Pan © :iconowlibee:

Poem © :iconechosdusk: 

BeespokeBagsandMore Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so perfect! Just what I needed for today. Since pan is slightly based on me this really fits. Thank you :)
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July 2, 2014


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